There is a growing need for mixed income multigenerational housing, retail and community resources in this neighborhood.

We heard from you, the members of this community, about your dreams for the neighborhood, and have incorporated those dreams into our plan. We believe this project addresses the growing need for mixed income multigenerational housing, new and vibrant retail space, and community resources, such as a new supermarket. Read on here to learn more about the new vision.

New Supermarket and Resources for the Community

We heard from residents at multiple community meetings that you wanted a supermarket to end a decades-long food desert, additional parking to accommodate new neighbors, a children’s play area, and a space for a community restaurant.

Mixed Income Housing for Families and Seniors

It will add high-quality affordable and middle-income housing for families and seniors, to help residents of the Rockaways have more flexibility for things like groceries, transportation and medication.

Public Space and Parking

The development will include publicly-available community facilities and retail space to support the neighborhood, as well as over 37,000 square feet of publicly-accessible open space including spots for local parking.

Quality Local Jobs

The project will bring good construction jobs to the neighborhood. The Arker Companies prioritize local hiring for their projects.

Prepared for the next Superstorm

It will help shore up the neighborhood’s storm preparedness by utilizing the most modern resiliency measures– like bioswales, a bioretention rainwater system, solar panels, green & gray water infrastructure and extended tree pits to create as much permeable area on the site as possible. The site also includes a plan to elevate several streets above sea level, for long-term preparedness.